Microsoft Power Platform

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform is an integrated suite of business applications that empowers organizations to analyze data, automate processes, build apps, and create virtual agents—all without the need for extensive coding or development expertise. It’s designed to make digital transformation accessible to everyone.

Elevate your business intelligence with cognitive services. Process mining has never been easier with robot process automation. Create custom web portals with the ERP power apps.

Do more with less by using low-code tools to adapt

Components of the Power Platform:

Power Apps

Create Custom Applications

Build tailored applications for your unique business needs.


Design and deploy apps without extensive coding skills.

Connect to Data

Seamlessly integrate with various data sources, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Power Automate

Automate Processes

Streamline repetitive tasks and workflows.

Integrate Services

Connect with over 400 services and applications.

Trigger Actions

Set up triggers to respond to specific events automatically.

Power BI

Data visualisation

Transform raw data into interactive and insightful reports.

Real-Time Insights

Monitor your business with real-time dashboards.

AI-Powered Business Analytics

Leverage AI capabilities for data analysis.

Power Pages

Low-code platform

Create, host, and administer modern external-facing business websites with minimal coding.

Integration with Microsoft Dataverse

Create sites that are connected to your apps, workflows, intelligent virtual agents, reports, and analytics built with other Microsoft Power Platform components.


Customize the layout, images, colors, and content of your site to meet your specific needs.

Scenario-based templates

Provides scenario-based templates that can accelerate the creation of your site. These templates cover various use cases such as program registration, frequently asked questions, scheduling, and application processing.

Power Virtual Agents

Build Chatbots

Create AI-powered chatbots for customer engagement.

No Coding Needed

Develop bots through a user-friendly interface.

Seamless Integration

Connect with other Power Platform components and data sources.

Why Choose the Microsoft Power Platform?

Accelerate Innovation

Quickly build and deploy solutions to meet evolving business needs.

Enhance Efficiency

Automate processes and reduce manual tasks, freeing up valuable time.

Empower Teams

Enable non-technical users to contribute to digital transformation efforts.

Leverage Data

Extract actionable insights from your data with powerful analytics tools.

Ready to harness the full potential of the Microsoft Power Platform?

Finance Apps for Business Central

Simplifies the tax compliance processes and ensure accuracy.

A paperless solution designed for Fiduciaries and Accounting firms.

Optimizes the creation of payments from customers and vendors with a simplified User Interface.

Organizes your manual invoice processing from start to finish.

Solution that automates employee expense tracking.

Industry Apps

Solution that automates processes and generates detailed reports for many industries.

Security and Compliance

Checks are carried out directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on the contact, on the customer, on the vendor and much more

The Obfuscation app enables you to protect sensitive data in your sandboxes while maintaining usability for testing and development purposes. Personal, confidential and regulated data remains anonymous but your consultants and developers can perform realistic tests.

Using an ERP software can be overwhelming. Many customers struggle with the right setups and getting started. Our Data Management app allows us to remotely manage your setup data so you can get up and running fast.