Business Central 14 is leaving mainstream support: What are the next steps?


A few years ago, transitioning from Dynamics NAV to Business Central 14 seemed to be a logical step. However, today, the time has come to move on. Business Central 14 has been widely adopted by many companies for various reasons, including the extended support from Microsoft until October 2023, but this support is coming to an end.

Reasons for adopting Business Central 14:  

Business Central 14 has won the favor of businesses for various reasons. First, Microsoft extended the main support of Business Central 14 beyond its modern 18-month lifecycle policy, until October 2023. This version also allowed the coexistence of C/AL (Client Application Language) and AL (Application Language) development environments. Many companies, having extensive customizations in Dynamics NAV, adopted Business Central 14, giving them ample time to convert their C/AL customizations into AL Extensions, thanks to Microsoft’s extended support.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) also had the opportunity to convert their complementary solutions to AL and to create tools for upgrading these add-ons, rather than re-implementing them. Moreover, many clients were not ready to transition to the Web User Interface when it was first introduced.

End of Business Central 14 support:  

In October 2023Business Central 14 will exit main support with the imminent release of the 2023 Wave 2 version. What will be the implications for those who remain on Business Central 14 after support ends? If you encounter a problem, Microsoft will not provide a solution. Your partner may support versions no longer endorsed by Microsoft, but if they cannot resolve issues, there’s no fallback solution.

Furthermore, Microsoft is not obliged to provide cumulative updates, fixes, or patches, meaning that security and compliance can quickly become outdated.

Next steps for Business Central 14 clients:  

It’s time to upgrade or, at the very least, begin planning your transition. We hope you’ve seized the opportunity to convert your C/AL customizations to AL, fully aware of Microsoft’s Universal Code Initiative. If you haven’t yet established your upgrade plan, start by obtaining a quote. Microsoft offers a comprehensive, obligation-free quote.


The end of support for Business Central 14 is imminent, and companies need to be proactive to avoid potential problems associated with using unsupported versions. Transitioning from Business Central 14 is a necessary step, and now is the ideal time for companies to start planning and performing their upgrades, fully leveraging the available options and tools to facilitate this transition and ensure the continuity of operations and long-term compliance.

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