Enterprise ERP Technology Value Matrix 2023

In today’s fast-paced business environment, large companies are increasingly adopting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to ensure the future success of their operations while enhancing flexibility and agility. Customers now require ERP systems that can support multiple business lines, geographies, mergers and acquisitions, and process standardization. As a response, ERP vendors have focused their development efforts on incorporating generative AI, analytics, and planning solutions, which together form a powerful suite of decision-automation tools.

Within the next two years, we anticipate that users will leverage the capabilities of their ERP systems to a much greater extent. These systems will provide automated suggestions, complete with system-generated explanations, across various areas such as sales pitches, hiring and onboarding, cashflow management, scheduling, and supplier and carrier selection. This integration of advanced technologies within ERP platforms will enable businesses to streamline their processes, drive efficiency, and improve decision-making across multiple functions.

When evaluating prospective ERP platforms, it is crucial for organizations to consider the entire offering beyond the core ERP functionality. The enhancements and features provided by the platform as a whole, including generative AI, analytics, and planning solutions, will play a significant role in determining the long-term value and effectiveness of the chosen ERP system.

With our localization solution, Fisqal®, organizations can safely utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in Luxembourg.

Fisqal® is a localization solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enabling organizations to manage eCDF and FAIA reporting for Luxembourg.

By integrating Fisqal® with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, organizations gain the ability to seamlessly generate, manage, and submit eCDF and FAIA reports directly from their ERP system. This streamlines the reporting process, reduces manual effort, and ensures accuracy and timeliness in meeting regulatory requirements.

Organizations can optimize their financial management processes and maintain compliance with ease.

To find out more about our Fisqal® localisation solution: https://ecomlibrary.lu/pages/microsoft-dynamics-365-localization-for-luxembourg-fisqal%C2%AE

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Finance Apps for Business Central

Simplifies the tax compliance processes and ensure accuracy.

A paperless solution designed for Fiduciaries and Accounting firms.

Optimizes the creation of payments from customers and vendors with a simplified User Interface.

Organizes your manual invoice processing from start to finish.

Solution that automates employee expense tracking.

Industry Apps

Solution that automates processes and generates detailed reports for many industries.

Security and Compliance

Checks are carried out directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on the contact, on the customer, on the vendor and much more

The Obfuscation app enables you to protect sensitive data in your sandboxes while maintaining usability for testing and development purposes. Personal, confidential and regulated data remains anonymous but your consultants and developers can perform realistic tests.

Using an ERP software can be overwhelming. Many customers struggle with the right setups and getting started. Our Data Management app allows us to remotely manage your setup data so you can get up and running fast.