The electronic invoice with Business Central – PEPPOL

From 18/03/2023, the obligation of the electronic invoice passes to the small companies.

Mandatory electronic invoicing is implemented by the Luxembourg government in order to reduce fraud and improve transparency.

For this purpose, the Luxembourg government has decided that a single common transmission network, the so-called “common delivery network”, the PEPPOL network should be used. Companies will have to acquire their own PEPPOL Access Point.

The generic version of Business Central allows you to receive electronic invoices and CR/Adj notes in PEPPOL format, which is supported by the leading document exchange service providers. To receive an invoice from a vendor as a PEPPOL electronic document, simply edit the document in the “Incoming Documents” page to convert it to a purchase invoice or general journal line in Business Central.

Before electronic documents can be received through the document exchange service, various basic data must be configured, including company, supplier, item and unit of measure information. These are used to identify business partners and items when converting data from the inbound document file elements into fields in Business Central.

In addition to receiving electronic documents directly from business partners, it is possible to receive electronic documents from an OCR service that transforms PDF or image files into electronic documents. All you need to do is to configure and activate the connection to the pre-configured service.

Electronic document traffic in and out of Business Central is managed by the Job Queue function. The corresponding job queue must be started before electronic documents can be received.

Procedure for receiving and converting an electronic invoice to a purchase invoice :

  1. Choose the magnifying glass icon, enter Incoming Documents, then choose the corresponding link.
  2. Select the line for the incoming document record that represents a new incoming electronic invoice, and then choose the Edit action. On the Incoming Document Card page, the related XML file is attached, and most of the fields are prefilled with information from the electronic invoice.
  3. In the Data Exchange Type field, choose PEPPOL – Invoice or OCR – Invoice depending on the source of the electronic document.
  4. To map text on the vendor invoice to a specific debit account, on the Actions tab, in the General group, choose Map Text to Account, and then fill the Text-to-Account Mapping Worksheet page.
  5. Choose the Create Document action. A purchase invoice will be created in Business Central based on the information in the electronic document. Any validation errors, typically related to wrong or missing master data in Business Central will be shown on the Error Messages FastTab.

It is also possible to activate a workflow to automatically convert electronic documents when they are received.

At SK-Consulting we are in compliance with PEPPOL for years already. If you are already a client, don’t hesitate to contact us. Otherwise contact our sales team to get in touch.

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